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Domestic waste in a septic tank, effluent tank or Klargester can become a problem if left alone. Tanks can quickly overflow. Food or fat traps may develop. Unwelcome smells may cause complaints. The end result is usually unnecessary hassle for you, but it can be avoided.

Our specialist expertise guarantees the safe and lawful removal of domestic waste with the minimum of fuss. Providing a fleet of vacuum tankers operated by staff with years of experience, we offer you a fast and convenient tank emptying service which will take any problem off your hands.

William G Search Limited is a Licensed Environment Agency Waste Carrier with a duty of care to dispose of all waste in a responsible manner with a full audit trail.

AT A GLANCE - Tankering Domestic

• Leaving domestic waste in a septic tank, effluent tank, or Klargester for too long is a recipe for trouble. We want to help you avoid the problems associated with overflowing tanks and food or fat traps. No-one wants the unhygienic and unpleasant smells which may develop if waste is left to build up. So what’s the solution?
• Our small and large tankers have the right equipment to service all your waste removal and disposal needs. Our drivers are experts at manoeuvring in confined spaces and will minimise any disruption to you or your neighbours. Since we know time is important to you, we will agree a date and time with you - and we will stick to it.
• If you are a repeat customer, a driver who has visited you before and understands your specific requirements will be given the job. Most of our long-standing customers don’t feel the need to oversee the operation if they already know who is doing the work.
• Regular Service Discount Scheme rates may apply.


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Latest News

Rapid Response Unit!  At 3:00 P.M. today we received a call saying that contractors working on site had cut through a mains resulting in no toilets on site.  Over 100 people were affected - but not for long, thanks to Mark and his team in Leeds who had serviced toilets delivered and working by 4:15 p.m.  Well done everyone!  If you need a Rapid Response or a regular service call Mark in Leeds; Jon in Liverpool; Simon in Manchester; Sue in Nottingham; or Dave in Sheffield.  They will happy to deal with your enquiry locally.

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